Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

1. “Ėjimas” is a walking event in Vilnius, which is organized to encourage people to spend time more actively, healthily, usefully and meaningfully.

2. Organizers

“Ėjimas” event is organised by a LLC “Pitlane”, “National Automobile Club” and Vilnius city municipality (hereafter – Organiser).

3. Official “Ėjimas” website in English: ejimas.lt/en

4. Event dates:

  • Sunday, 19th of May, 2024;
  • Sunday, 29th of September, 2024;

5. Event location – Vilnius City

Start and finish place – Nepriklausomybės square, Gedimino eve. 53, near the Seimas Palace of the Republic of Lithuania.

6. Tracks*

The event includes three walking tracks of different distances. The walking distance is chosen in the registration form and based on each person’s personal physical abilities. Possible tracks:

  • 5 km;
  • 10 km;
  • 25 km.

* Actual track lengths could be up to 20 percent longer or shorter than provided for in the regulations.

7. Participants

“Ėjimas” is open to anyone who is willing and able to attend. At the event are no age restrictions or division into specific age groups. The event is attended by individuals who have completed the participant registration form, assessed their health condition and capacity.

The participants of the event attend in “Ėjimas” of their own free will and assume all risks and responsibilities related to their attendance in the event, as well as undertake not to make any claims against the Organizer of the event.

Juveniles (younger than 18 years) may participate only having signed acceptance from the parents or foster‐parents. Or juveniles must be supervised by parents, foster-parents or other adults who take full responsibility for them and would be responsible for their behavior during the event.

8. Participation in an event with pets

Participation in the event with pets is possible. The event registration form request to note if participants will come to the event with a pet.

The pet’s behavior and safety during the event are the responsibility of the pet’s owners, who must ensure that their pet does not endanger other participants or unauthorized persons and does not cause damage for the environment.

9. Participation in an event with prams or wheelchairs

Participation in “Ėjimas” with prams, other equipment for children’s movement and wheelchairs is possible on the 5 km walking track.

There are stairs, steep hillsides on the 10 km and 25 km tracks, so participation with prams, other equipment for children’s movement or wheelchairs is not recommended in these walking distances.

10. Registration

Registration for the “Ėjimas” event online: https://ejimas.lt/en/registration/

On “Ėjimas” event day: at start numbers pick-up tent near the Seimas Palace of the Republic of Lithuania, Gedimino ave. 53, Vilnius.

Registration for the event is FREE OF CHARGE.

Participants have the opportunity to receive finisher medals. Participant‘s registration fee to receive a finisher’s medal is 3 euros. The number of such registrations is limited.

Paid participation fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-compensable.

Participation fees are refunded only if the event does not take place. The price of the participation fee will be refunded after deducting the administrative fee (1 eur). By paying the participation fee, the participant agrees to this condition.

The medal can only be collected on the day of the event.

Registration is personal and non-transferable to others.

Registration is confirmed by completing the participant registration form.

11. Start numbers

Participants starting in “Ėjimas” event must affix their start number in a clearly visible place during the event.

12. Hand‐out of start numbers

Registered participants submitted their identity document may collect the start numbers on “Ėjimas” event day from 8.30 a.m. in the start numbers pick-up tent near the Seimas Palace of the Republic of Lithuania, Gedimino ave. 53, Vilnius.

13. Start times

  •  Start time of the 25 km distance from 9 a.m. until 10 a.m.
  • Start time of the 10 km distance from 10 a.m. until 12 noon.
  • Start time of the 5 km distance from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Participants must assess their physical abilities and the duration of the chosen walking distance.

5 km and 10 km walking tracks must be finished by 4 PM.

25 km walking tracks must be finished by 5 PM.

* Start times can be adjusted as the event approaches.

14. Awards of “Ėjimas”

The event’s youngest participant, oldest participant, three largest teams of each challenge (Family & Friends Challenge; School Challenge; Challenge of Companies)  are awarded.

The organizer reserves the right to establish more awards than provided for in the Regulations.

15. The following is prohibited at the event:

  • Go outside the walking route tracks approved by the event Organizer;
  • Use of any vehicles to shorten part of the walking route;
  • Express controversial forms of behavior or language such as nudity or obscenity;
  • Express political ideology or political propaganda;
  • Consume, transport and distribute dangerous goods such as weapons, drugs or alcohol;
  • Smoking at event stopping points and lounge areas, in the forest, as well as in other high-fire areas;
  • Violate public order, traffic rules and other applicable local state laws and regulations;

16. Ensuring the safety of participants

Although the Organizer will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of the participants, the participants attend in this event at their own risk and therefore understand and confirm by registering at the event that „Ėjimas“ Organizer is not responsible for the damage caused to the health or life of the participant and will not compensate the losses incurred.

All “Ėjimas” participants must assume the risk and responsibility concerned about the incidents during the event, possible health disorders, injuries or accidents directly or indirectly concerned in participating in “Ėjimas” event.

Participants are responsible for their own behaviour during the event.

17. Assurance of medical aid

During the “Ėjimas” event, ambulance crews will be on duty on the „Ėjimas“ tracks.

If you see a participant which requires medical aid or you will need such aid – immediately call emergency number 112.

18. Lost and found items

Participants in the event take full responsibility for their belongings. The event Organizer is not responsible for tangible property lost or damaged during the event.

Please inform the Organiser regarding to the lost and found items. A lost and found point will be situated in the registration tent right after the finish. Later you may contact the Organiser by email: info@ejimas.lt.

19. Recommendations

The “Ėjimas” Organizer recommends wearing suitable clothing and footwear. Pay attention to the weather forecasts during the event, adjust clothing and footwear to the appropriate weather conditions.

20. Other questions

  • By registering in “Ėjimas”, every participant confirms that he or she has read, agrees and commits with the requirements stated in Regulations. The participants of the event confirm that they have read and understood the rules of traffic safety and commits with the traffic rules by participating in the event.
  • By registering in “Ėjimas”, every participant confirms that he or she has read, agrees and commits with the privacy policy which is published on the Official “Ėjimas” website: https://ejimas.lt/en/privacy-policy.
  • By registering in “Ėjimas”, the participant confirms that he or she agrees to receive newsletters or other messages related to “Ėjimas” and other events organized by the Organizer.
  • Every “Ėjimas” participant agrees that the Organiser may use photo or video material with him/ her for event promotion without separate agreement.
  • Parents or foster-parents agree that juveniles (younger than 18 years) will be photographed and filmed during the event, and the captured photo or video material with him or her will be used for event promotion without separate agreement. Parents or foster-parents also agree not to make any claims regarding health problems or injuries experienced by juveniles during the event.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to revise / change the regulations.
  • Unmentioned questions in the Regulations are solved by the “Ėjimas” Organiser.
  • The regulations are published in Lithuanian and English. In case of difference, the Lithuanian version is considered to be decisive.