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Is it possible to participate with pets?

Yes, you can attend the event with your pets. However, it is necessary to take care of pet excrement, as well as the welfare of the animal and others.

Will the route be fenced?

No, participants will go on an unfenced route, the directions of which can be found throughout the route and on the page ejimas.lt. In the event the participants must follow the Road Traffic Rules.

What should I do if I want to change or delete my registration data?

If you would like to change your registration details, please contact us by email: info@ejimas.lt. Please note that changes to the registration data are allowed no later than the deadline specified in the terms and regulations.

Why is it important to fill the registration form correctly?

Registered participants will receive nominal start numbers, which will also show the participant's name and surname. It is also important to write the name of the team equally and correctly.

Will the time to complete the track be measured?

The time taken to complete the track will not be measured.

Are the tracks suitable for wheeled movement?

The 5 km track is adapted for movement with wheels. The 10 km route is adapted for movement with wheels, except for the landing by stairs to the coast of the Neris near the Mindaugas Bridge. It can be avoided by choosing the further shore to the coast. The 25 km route is not suitable for movement with wheels.

Who can go on 5 km, 10 km and 25 km tracks?

The 5 km route is recommended for beginners, as well as for families with children, the disabled and the elderly. The 10 km route is recommended for those who like to walk in leisure time and have minimal physical fitness. The 25 km track is intended for challenging walkers who have already participated in or are preparing for long-distance hiking. The route is distinguished by more complex terrain.

How to properly prepare for walking?

The most important thing is the right shoes, comfortable clothes and water. Do not risk wearing new or occasional shoes, choose only comfortable and tested shoes and clothes.

What to do in case of an accident?

If there is no danger to health or life and emergency care is not necessary, you can call 8 685 05621.

Do We Need an National Certificate on the Ėjimas?

Yes, participate in the event with an National Certificate (in other words - Opportunity Passport) or other valid document. It is provided by picking-up the start number.

When will the tracks be announced?

Ėjimas routes will be announced on the main page of the event day on www.ejimas.lt. You can download Ėjimas tracks to your mobile phone and follow the track throughout the walk.

Will participants receive meals?

Ėjimas friends will treat participants to a variety of snacks, but separate meals are not provided.