If you have any questions, please feel free to email our team: info@ejimas.lt.

Is it possible to participate with a pet?

Of course! We should take your four-legged friend with you! But here are few important rules: 
All pets have to be on the leash. If breed requires that, with a muzzle. 
Keeping safe environment is your responsibility as well. Please mind that other people with pets and families with children will walk on Ejimas.
Please evaluate your pet abilities to walk long distances. Of course, the pet has to remain stress-free around other pets and people, either do not cause any extreme situations
Leave only 🐾on the tracks! (aka collect 💩)

Will the route be fenced?

No, The participants will walk through free track, the link will be available during the journey and will be uploaded in ejimas.lt website. At the event it is mandatory to follow road safety rules.

What should I do if I want to change or delete my registration data?

If you would like to change your registration details, please contact us by email: info@ejimas.lt.

Will the time to complete the track be measured?

No, the time will not be measured by organizers.

Are the tracks suitable for wheeled movement?

Yes, the 5 km track is suitable for those who will travel with wheels. We try that all of the tracks would be max available for everyone, but participants need to understand that we walk through city as well as forests. In the 10 and 25 km track there will be steep hills.

Who can go on 5 km, 10 km and 25 km tracks?

5 km track is recommended for beginners, also families with children, the disabled and senior participants. This track is available for wheels.
10 km track is recommended for those who like to walk and who have minimal physical preparation. 
25 km track is dedicated for those who love challenges, who were walking long distances before. The path stands out with complicated terrain. 

How to properly prepare for walking?

The most important thing is - suitable footwear, clothing and water. Do not risk wearing a new pair of shoes, pick the right and checked footwear and clothing pieces.

What to do in case of an accident?

Call 112.

When will the tracks be published?

EJIMAS tracks will be published on the day of the event on the main ejimas.lt page. You will be able to download EJIMAS tracks via digital devices and follow until the end of the event.

Will participants receive meals?

EJIMAS Partners will provide a variety of snacks, but the full meal course will not be given to any of the participants.