Improving emotional health

Improving emotional health


Walking can be seen as a way of moving the body from point A to point B, or as a way to relax, reduce stress and anxiety. To get to know yourself and your environment better. Good Walking is not measured by the steps walked, but by the feeling you get when you return. Walking as an activity can be a step towards better physical and emotional health.

Emotional health

Regular and conscious walking is a great “cure” for fatigue, tension, anxiety and even symptoms of depression. The more we walk regularly, the more positive effects we will experience.

Once you have tried it in practice, you may be surprised how much walking can determine not only your emotional well-being, but also your productivity and your relationships with others.

Conscious Walking

It is a Walking technique that is equivalent to meditation. The word “meditation” sounds like a mystical ritual in many people’s minds, even though it is simply concentrating on a chosen object (breath, body sensation, sight, sound, or what we are doing now). It is no secret that we are much better when we concentrate.

Physical health

Walking combines the best of sport and meditation. After all, when you move, your mind rests and your body works. It strengthens the heart, bones and muscles, and brings more oxygen into the body, so we sleep better. All this builds physical and psychological endurance.